Sunday, June 22, 2008

Katrina - ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’

Gorgeous Katrina Kaif has an added reason to smile.A UK men magazine that conducted an online poll in India has rated Katrina to be the 'Sexiest Woman in the World'.Born in London, Katrina's career is on an all time high at this moment. Not only she has been tagged as the 'Sexiest Woman, but she also has several hit movies under her belt. The actress has given the credit to his million fans who

Love Story 2050 - July releases

Just a few weeks left for his first film to hit the screen and Harman Baweja is on an all out promotion. The actor was at a radio station to interact with fans.He's already grabbed eyeballs with his cool moves and Hrithik looks. Harman is now wooing fans with his voice.On Monday afternoon in Mumbai, the actor decided to chat with them on radio and found himself flooded with unexpected questions."