Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Which SUV Should You Be Driving?

If you're looking for a mid-sized SUV that will carry your whole family with comfort and still give you extra storage space, three options are the Dodge Durango, the Cadillac SRX and the Mercury Mountaineer. All three of these vehicles have new features for safety and comfort and all three offer quality service manuals. One disadvantage to buying SUVs is that they use a lot more gas than cars or crossovers but if the rising gas prices aren't a problem for you, SUVs are comfortable because of their larger size. You can see easier sitting up higher in an SUV than a small car and you'll also have room to carry passengers without feeling cramped.

The Dodge Durango repair manual is high quality and the vehicle offers certain features of a full sized SUV such as a larger towing capacity and a very spacious interior while still offering the smaller size that most people seek. This SUV has three rows of seating which offer enough space to carry the whole family. The towing capabilities of the Dodge Durango are also better than a lot of other mid-sized SUVs so you'll be able to tow whatever you need for those weekend family vacations. This vehicle has average handling but the handling is more like that of a truck and it is not as easy to handle as some car based crossover SUVs that are available today. The interior is not the lowest quality that you'll find on the market but it still falls short of many of it's competitors. This is a recommended purchase if you need something that is going to have a lot of interior space as well as being able to haul heavy loads.

The Cadillac SRX is a crossover SUV that is based more on a car than a truck. This luxury crossover is available in many different trim levels, starting with the basic trim which offers a power drivers seat, automatic climate control and a Bose sound system with eight speakers. If you're looking for something that is going to offer you more luxury, you can check out one of the other three trim levels. The highest of these four trims includes luxuries such as a sun roof, heated seats, and a hard drive based navigation system. This crossover does fall short of it's competitors in some areas. The Cadillac SRX is heavier than a lot of it's competitors so it doesn't drive as easily as some of it's lighter competitors. This SUV offers a smooth, quiet ride, average handling and a very luxury interior. If you're looking for something that is going to handle more like a car and give you all the luxuries you need, the Cadillac SRX repair manual is a good choice.

The Mercury Mountaineer has consistently been a mid-sized SUV that offers reliability and a good ride quality. This SUV is based more on a truck than a car so it's handling isn't as light as the Cadillac SRX but it still has good handling for it's class. If you need something that is going to be able to haul heavy loads behind it, this could be the mid-sized family SUV that you need. The Mercury Mountaineer offers many good service manuals and also a smooth quiet ride so you'll always be comfortable. If you need to take a lot of people with you, you can simply fold the seat up again and you have ample seating for the whole family. One disadvantage that the Mercury Mountaineer is known for is weak acceleration. If you're looking for something that is going to be comfortable, convenient and carry everything, this could be SUV for you.

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