Tuesday, March 22, 2011

David Beckham, when he decided to buy a Camaro

When a celebrity buys out a new thing, that stuff will definitely be the next cool thing and will be the topic of talk for several times ahead. The same thing also happens to David Beckham, when he decided to buy a Camaro from Chevy for his ride. The Camaro he chose wasn’t the racing green but customized black matte cover. Although there’s no detailed information about the car, it’s said that the car is worth about $55,000, which means that the car is probably included in the SS line.

David-Beckham New Camaro

The football star has been known for his luxurious taste in sports and luxurious car. It seems that he grows bored of his Porsche Turbo and then decided a new Camaro. The Camaro was designed by Platinum Motorsport. The car comes with gray cover and black roof, black wheels, and also black lights. Everything about the car seems to come in black. With Beckham having the Camaro, he joins out the lists of celebrities and athletes that have already owned the car, such as Randy Couture, Lebron James, Anderson Silva, Ric Flair, and also Sylvester Stallone. It seems that Beckham is comfy enough with the Camaro while his wife is promoting Land Rover.

David Beckam WIth new car

source : X17online.com

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