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Jenson Button sells his Bugatti and buys a Merc Estate

Jenson Alexander Lyons Button, born Frome Somerset January 1980, he got his name from his fathers friend, Erling,not from the Jensen Interceptor his dada drove. His mother is actually South African, and dad John is a former Rally cross driver who had some success in the 1970’s.

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Monday March 21, 2011 04:14

Jenson Button

Our celebrity rides star had a normal upbringing, his parents divorced and he was bought up by his mum, he is the youngest of 4 children. Jenson went to school at Selwood middle school and from there he went on to Frome community college. When he was 17 he took and failed his driving test, for getting to close to parked cars.

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As we all know Jenson was into karting and won a lot of races,andwas quietly being noticed, especially by the Williams F1 team, who went on to sign him and at the time he was the youngest F1 driver ever.

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Jenson in his company car

He didn’t have a very good season with Williams, who went on to loan him to Flavio Briattore’s Renault team,Briattorre actually threatened Jenson with the sack if he didn’t improve, it didn’t make much difference as he was replaced by Alonso, and went on to the now defunct team of BAR.

After BAR he the team was bought by Honda, and Jenson was there first choice driver, the team decided they had had enough and the team was saved by Ross Braun, and it was his brains skill and genius that helped Jenson win his world championship. A year after he signed for McLaren F1 as world champion, it was his first season last year and although he didn’t regain the championship showed he has still got plenty of racing left in him.

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He Lives in Monte Carlo now and has sold his Veyron,probably because it’s a bit quick for the streets there, he seems to have settled down in life now as he sold his Veyron at a massive loss and bought a Mercedes Estate, yes an estate, but not just an ordinary estate this is the AMG version, but he still has his speed machine in his garage he has a Ferrari Enzo as well as another Merc and Audi. Life has been good for the boy from Frome, and I wish him all the success for the up and coming season.

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Jensen actually drives 1 of these

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