Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten Hot Washing Cars Celebrities

When it comes to celebrity, all kinds of events and news become more interesting and pleasurable to read. Everyone always wants to hear a bit of news about whatever activities they have and if possible, become a part of these events.

The same thing also happens in Celebrity car

wash events with female celebrities washing cars. Can you imagine those celebrities washing up your cars? Not to mention that they’re wearing bikinis, covered in soaps and soaked wet in water, and bending over the cars and scrubbing the dirt off the cars.

That’s why it’s no surprising when there are 10 listed Celebrity car wash that are considered the best and hottest during the event. Here are they along with short introduction about them.

10. Izabel Goulart
No need to release comment for this Brazilian model who was once chosen as one of the Victoria Secret’s angels from 2005 to 2008.

9. Sara Jean Underwood


One of American model and actress who was chosen as July 2006 Playmate.

8. Jenny McCarthy
I don’t think you need comment for this one.

7. Eliza Dushku
An American model who often gets parts in movie series.

6. Katie Downes
She’s one of British top model.

5. Jessica Simpson
Are you sure you need comment about her?

4. Kelly Brook
She’s a model, actress, and presenter from England. Not to mention also a Playboy Girl.

3. Gisele Bundchen
Everyone knows about this hot Brazilian model.

2. Rihanna
This American singer is very popular around the world.

1. Sophie Reade


The number one in the list of ten Celebrity car wash is Sophie Reade
An English model and actress appearing in Season 10 of Big Brother reality show.

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